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Classic Age Publishing is an independent African Publishing house. Our purpose is to promote and uplift  African literature. We are dedicated to uplifting independent Afrocentric views and also to introduce quality books. We publish books that are likely to affect people's lives positively. Our focus is Non-fiction but we may publish in any Genre should the need arises.

We have a professional team ready to make your book a success:      

Our Publishing Packages

Bronze Package R 4 500

Gold Package R 10 000

Platinum R 34 000

For a detailed breakdown of what each of our package covers kindly email us at or contact us from this website 


From the time you publish your book with us we give you a family feel because its not just about business. It about us he  If you are that someone who wishes to get your book published and                                                                                    distributed with our top SA's distributors contact us we are ready to help you.


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